Dog Front Leg Brace – PAIR


For canine injury treatment. Reduces and relieves pain from sores and cuts. Our therapy pet compression sleeve helps all types of dogs.

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Pair of Dog Front Leg Brace

Our high-performance Pair of Dog Front Leg Brace gives support to all kinds of dogs. And, They are made of unique compression material. It is just as comfortable as it is durable in 65% polyester, 25% rubber, and 10% nylon. Also, this Pet wrap features a compression design that enhances and stimulates circulation increasing oxygen to the blood. That is to say, When there’s increased oxygen, you can depend on a better performance and a faster recovery.
These great dog’s compression wraps are one of the best in the market.

How does it Work

My Pro Supports Dog Front Leg Brace will help your dog to Heal the pain due to injury or surgery. Also, Provide support and stabilization during the injury. And, Assist them to loosen the inflammation. In addition, Save them from future injuries. That is to say, It is observed that the dog gets its 2nd knee injured soon after the first one. Moreover, This is due to the imbalance caused by the injury in one leg. To sum up, this Dog Front Leg Brace makes sure that the balance of the body is maintained, so the dog doesn’t get into any more injuries of elbow or joints.

Sold As Pair

Additional benefits of compression sleeve:

Reduced risk of injury
Also, it Improved blood circulation throughout the body
And, Oxygen delivery to cells produces higher energy and stamina
Now available in Black color


Measurement: XXS/XS: 2-4″ WITH 1 STRAP;



The Length: XXS/XS: 2″ ; S/M: 4″ ; L/XL: 6″

  • Please consult your vet before using. Do not leave on overnight. Directions: Place on the lower limb above the paw. Legal Disclaimer My Pro Supports will not be liable for the improper use of this product. And, Please consult a veterinary professional when beginning use with this product.


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