Dog Rear Leg Brace – PAIR of Hock Injury Wraps


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Pair of Dog Rear Leg Brace 

Dog Rear Leg Brace is commonly used to support hock instability, collateral ligament, tendon rupture, osteoarthritis, art joint fixation, and arthrodesis. The stent can also be used for diseases such as arthritis and arthritis without using metal splints. The pressure it provides will increase the blood pressure in the hock area, thereby raising the temperature. This reduces the pain caused by the condition. It can also be used for protective purposes, in the case of surgical wounds or pressure sores, it can contain plaster or bandages, with or without medication. Also, It is excellent after the operation.


Stable effect and reduced load: The Dog Rear Leg Brace helps to ensure rapid recovery and avoid any secondary damage in this way. The role of the stent improves the work of the ligament and reduces the pain; the reduced load reduces the injured area, helps to reduce the discomfort, and in some cases can also reduce swelling. While keeping the ligaments contracted, none of this prevents the dog from performing usual exercises and ensures excellent muscle flexion and flexibility. The stiff splint is designed to stop the dog’s limbs at the height of the hock after surgery.


It is made of a Breathable fabric.

Also, It has Excellent abrasion resistance.

In addition, You can wash it by hand.

Finally, The Dog Rear Leg Brace can be used before and after surgery.

70% Neoprene + 30% Nylon


Measure the CIRCUMFERENCE Above rear hock.
Small: 3.75″
Medium: 4.50″
Large: 5.25″
X-Large: 6″

*Please consult your vet before using. And, Do not leave on on the dog’s leg overnight.  Also, My Pro Supports will not be liable for the improper use of this product. Finally, Please consult a veterinary professional when beginning use with this product.

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